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Final exam 60%, project and assignments are each worth 9%, weekly quizzes 4%.

Tentative Schedule

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There are no lectures, tutorials or consultations during the mid-semester break. You are expected to attend the lecture and ONE tutorial stream. Please see your personal timetable to determine which tutorial you are in. You can only attend the tutorial that you are enrolled in.

Week Slides Tutorial Topic Readings Assessments
1 A: ; B: Introduction to statistical learning Chapter 2
2 A: ; B: Regression methods Chapters 3 and 7
3 A: ; B: Categorical response regression and resampling methods Chapters 4 and 5
4 A: ; B: Dimension reduction Chapters 4.4, 12.2 (optional: 6.3) Assignment 1 due
5 A: ; B: Visualising high dimensions Familiarise yourself with the R package, tourr, and read the material on high-d visualisation available on moodle
6 A: ; B: Classification and regression trees Chapter 8.1
7 A: ; B: Random forests, and support vector machines Chapter 8.2, and 9.1-9.3 Assignment 2 due
Midsemester Break (1 week)
8 A: ; B: Neural networks and regularisation Chapter 10.1-10.3, 10.7 + Chapter 6.1-6.2
9 A: ; B: Model assessment Chapter 9.6.3 Assignment 3 due
10 A: ; B: Unsupervised classification Chapter 12.4.1-2
11 A: ; B: Unsupervised classification Chapter 22 of Hands-On Machine Learning with R Project due
12 Kaggle challenge discussion and presentations

Class data sets


R package installation list

Install the latest versions of R and RStudio. Here is a partial list of R packages as of the start of semester. There may be more packages to install as the semester progresses. You should be able to install by cutting and pasting this code into your RStudio console.

install.packages(c("knitr", "tidyverse", "tidymodels", "gapminder", "gridExtra", "patchwork", "tourr", "kableExtra", "fpc", "statquotes", "yardstick", "ISLR", "broom", "mvtnorm", "ggdendro", "RColorBrewer", "plotly", "htmltools", "splines", "grid", "rpart", "mgcv", "gratia", "GGally", "ggpubr", "MASS", "modelr", "boot", "gganimate", "ggrepel", "ggthemes", "datasauRus", "geozoo", "ggparallel", "ggmosaic", "nullabor", "rpart.plot", "e1071", "viridis", "randomForest", "mlbench", "gtable", "keras", "nnet", "penalizedLDA", "ggExtra"))