Monash Univ

ETC3250/5250: Introduction to machine learning

Semester 1 2020

Unless your question is a personal issue or an administrative matter, please do not send us direct email. Moodle is appropriate for questions related to the course material.

If you register after the start of the semester or if you miss a lecture/lab, it is your responsibility to catch up with missed material, learn about due dates for material to be turned in, and getting assigned to a group for team work.

Final grade distribution

HD 38
D   38
C   17
P     1

  mean    sd    p0   p25   p50   p75  p100 
  75.8  9.52    31  70.5    77  81.5    91


Consultations (starting week 2)

All consultations will be through zoom (check moodle for links)

Lecture notes

Instructions for printing slides to pdf: (1) You need to be connected to the internet, (2) Open the slides in your web browser, ideally Google Chrome, (3) Step through each slide, so that the equations are created, (4) using the browser’s print function and dialog, print to pdf, with your preferred printing options, eg 2 slides per page.





Exam information

The 2020 final exam is scheduled for 22/06/2020 Evening session. The exam will be made available as a moodle quiz, and it is expected that you would be able to complete it within an hour approximately. You will have 3.5 hours from starting until it closes, to alleviate any technical difficulties. It will be open book.

These are the exams for the past two years. This year’s exam will be completed through moodle, mostly but not all multiple choice, open notes.

Computing information